“The Ties That Bind”

As UU’s, we describe ourselves as belonging to a “covenantal community.”  Have you ever thought about what that means or where our covenant comes from? Join us as we consider the powerful impact of intentional covenant by looking back into our own UU history to … read more.


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This community is where I come for support, friendship and fun. It is a place to live to my religion in the church and the larger community. This religion allows me to speak my truth even when my truth changes.

Lynn Hightower

Reproductive Freedom: 2019-2020 Social Justice Theme

Beginning with 2017-2018, UUCEL named a different social justice theme annually for our church to engage in. Our first theme for 2017-2018 was the environment! This year theme is Reproductive Freedom.The theme was chosen with input from a survey of selected congregation members. The survey identified Reproductive Freedom as the top social justice issue of concern to our members. Reproductive Freedom is an issue of increasing urgency locally, nationally and internationally. Worship services and activities connecting to this year’s social justice theme will held throughout the year. You can see upcoming events on social justice issues on the upcoming events page or the newsletter for what is happening soon!