NOVEMBER 14, 2021

The Board is aware that many members are feeling disconnected and depressed since we have been closed for in-person services.  Viewing the services online can be frustrating or completely impossible for some.  We all want to experience the enriching spiritual community we used to enjoy.

At the same time, the Board recognizes the health dangers entailed in reopening when Jackson County Covid statistics place us in the severe category.  Jackson is currently a hot spot for Covid cases and hospitalizations.  How do we support our mental and spiritual health, while not endangering our physical health?

After a great deal of consideration, the Board has voted for a modified reopening beginning with the service next Sunday on November 14.  It is important that each member realize the Board cannot ensure your safety from Covid.  Even though about 50% of the county is vaccinated, most of our members are vaccinated.  Although rare, even fully vaccinated people can have break-through infections.  Coming back to church is YOUR decision.  

We can try to mitigate the risk for ALL of us by taking these steps:

1.  At this time, we encourage only vaccinated people enter the sanctuary.  While we will not exclude unvaccinated people from attending, we strongly encourage all those who are eligible to be vaccinated to do so in order to protect our beloved community.  

2.  Everyone in the sanctuary must wear a mask which should cover both their nose and mouth, unless they are speaking from the podium.  Singing is allowed while wearing masks.

3.  If you are ill or have been exposed to Covid, please do not come to church.

4.  If you have Covid, do not return to church until you have a negative Covid test.

5.  No ushers or greeters will be stationed at the door.  Please seat yourself as socially distanced as possible, and do not hug or greet people in a physical way.  Watch for red markers to help you decide where to sit.

6.  The offertory plate will not be passed.  Please deposit your offering in a plate which will be provided in the entryway.

7. No in-person social hour, or religious education for children, or nursery care will be provided at this time.

8.  Online services will continue to be offered through Facebook or the website, as well as Zoom social hour. We are planning for 12:30 Social Hours on Zoom. The link is: (passcode: UUCEL)

Each week during this time of physical distancing, you can find our worship services here or join in through our Facebook page.

Our regular UUCEL livestreamed service appears here on Sunday mornings at 11:00 a.m. If the livestream does not start playing at that time, try reloading this page by clicking here: RELOAD.  If you see the video but cannot hear the sound, move your cursor over the video and click the little speaker icon.

Looking for a previous service?  You can find worship recordings on our Facebook page.  You do not need a Facebook account to view the videos. If asked to log in, just click “Not Now.”