There are many volunteer opportunities at UUCEL, particularly in governance, committee work, and fundraising.


Safety Committee

  • Monitoring and preserving the health and safety of the congregation
  • Purchased a defibrillator and trained 11 people as first aid responders
  • Creating a Safety Policy and plan for the Church to be approved by the Board

Religious Education Committee

  • Plans the curriculum for the religious education program
  • Recruits and trains teachers
  • Purchases supplies as needed
  • Organizes classes by age or other criteria
  • Attends district workshops whenever possible
  • Arranges nursery and childcare for special occasions
  • Organizes children’s programs in worship services regularly
  • Prepares an annual report, list the members, activities of the past year and recommendations for future committees.

Worship Committee

  • Assists the minister in arrangements for regular services
  • Arranges for guest speakers/ministers when the minister is out of the pulpit
  • Contacts participants to assist in the service
  • Chalice lighting
  • Responsive readings
  • Prepares an annual report, listing members, activities of the past year and recommendations for future committees.

Membership Committee

  • Plans opportunities for church fellowship
  • Schedules people to welcome visitors
  • Sends visitors information and newsletters
  • Makes sure visitors have name tags
  • Prepares an annual report, listing members, activities of the past year and recommendations for future committees.

Caring Committee

  • Provides written, telephoned, or personal visits to persons facing challenges or losses.

Building and Grounds

  • Arranges and supervises regular and special maintenance to all buildings and grounds
  • Plans and coordinates spring and fall clean-up of grounds
  • Arranges for emergency repairs, contracting with needed craftspeople with approval of the board
  • Arranges for regular mowing and plowing of the yard or parking lot
  • Arranges for the clean-up and repair of storm damage
  • Makes recommendations to the board on needed improvements and maintenance
  • Arranges for putting up storm windows, storage, etc.
  • Repairs and maintains playground equipment
  • Prepares a report for the annual meeting, listing activities of the past year and recommendations.

Social Hour Coordinator

  • Makes a sign-up sheet for people to bring refreshments
  • Makes sure workers know their duties.

Committee on Ministry

  • Works to assure the best use of minister’s time and talents
  • Advises the minister as a support committee
  • Polls the congregation for feedback about sermons, classes, counseling, etc.
  • Prepares an annual report.

Nominating Committee

  • Finds people to serve on committees to replace those going off the committee at the beginning of each fiscal year.

Fund Raising and Finance

  • Conducts an annual pledge drive
  • Manages the Trust Fund and the Endowment fund


Auction — Usually held in May

An auction is held every May. This event is one of our major fund raising projects. Help is needed to:

  • Solicit goods or services from the congregation
  • Conduct the auction
  • Serve lunch or dinner

“Grandma’s Attic” Rummage Sale — An annual rummage sale is held every summer. Activities include:

  • Soliciting good from the congregation
  • Organizing the sale

Friday Dinners

  • Usually organized by an individual or small team
  • Provides a simple dinner as a fundraiser
  • Sometimes includes some form of entertainment — game night, a movie, etc.

Other fundraisers include Used Book Sale, Harvest Bazaar, and individual one-time fundraisers like calendars or cookbooks or concerts.

To volunteer for any of these opportunities, contact the appropriate committee chair or a board member.