Church Committees

Church committees are added and dissolve periodically, but the following is a list of common committees of our church.  For information on any of these committees, please contact the committee chair.  New members to committees are always welcome, with the exception of the Nominating Committee and the Committee on Ministry, which have specific procedures for admission listed in our bylaws.  For chairpersons see the Contact page.

There are many volunteer opportunities at UUCEL, particularly in governance, committee work, and fundraising.


Safety Committee

  • Monitoring and preserving the health and safety of the congregation
  • Purchased a defibrillator and trained 11 people as first aid responders
  • Creating a Safety Policy and plan for the Church to be approved by the Board

Religious Education Committee
The Religious Education Committee provides an ongoing program of lifespan religious education.

  • Plans the curriculum for the religious education program
  • Recruits and trains teachers
  • Purchases supplies as needed
  • Organizes classes by age or other criteria
  • Attends district workshops whenever possible
  • Arranges nursery and childcare for special occasions
  • Organizes children’s programs in worship services regularly
  • Prepares an annual report, list the members, activities of the past year and recommendations for future committees.

Worship Committee
The Worship Committee provides support for the worship services by offering programs in the minister’s absence and supporting the Minister’s services as needed.

  • Assists the minister in arrangements for regular services
  • Arranges for guest speakers/ministers when the minister is out of the pulpit
  • Contacts participants to assist in the service
  • Chalice lighting
  • Responsive readings
  • Prepares an annual report, listing members, activities of the past year and recommendations for future committees.

Membership Committee
The Membership Committee provides services to newcomers and supports membership activities.

  • Plans opportunities for church fellowship
  • Schedules people to welcome visitors
  • Sends visitors information and newsletters
  • Makes sure visitors have name tags
  • Prepares an annual report, listing members, activities of the past year and recommendations for future committees.

Caring Committee
The Caring Committee provides support for members and friends in need by making home and hospital visits, providing caring baskets and cards.

  • Provides written, telephoned, or personal visits to persons facing challenges or losses.

Building and Grounds
The Building and Grounds Committee focuses on growth and maintenance of the facility and grounds.

  • Arranges and supervises regular and special maintenance to all buildings and grounds
  • Plans and coordinates spring and fall clean-up of grounds
  • Arranges for emergency repairs, contracting with needed craftspeople with approval of the board
  • Arranges for regular mowing and plowing of the yard or parking lot
  • Arranges for the clean-up and repair of storm damage
  • Makes recommendations to the board on needed improvements and maintenance
  • Arranges for putting up storm windows, storage, etc.
  • Repairs and maintains playground equipment
  • Prepares a report for the annual meeting, listing activities of the past year and recommendations.

Social Hour Coordinator

  • Makes a sign-up sheet for people to bring refreshments
  • Makes sure workers know their duties.

Committee on Ministry
The Committee on Ministry exists to nurture the health of the ministry of the congregation and to foster right relations with the minister.

  • Works to assure the best use of minister’s time and talents
  • Advises the minister as a support committee
  • Polls the congregation for feedback about sermons, classes, counseling, etc.
  • Prepares an annual report.

Nominating Committee

  • Finds people to serve on committees to replace those going off the committee at the beginning of each fiscal year.

Fund Raising and Finance

  • Conducts an annual pledge drive
  • Manages the Trust Fund and the Endowment fund


Auction — Usually held in May

An auction is held every May. This event is one of our major fund raising projects. Help is needed to:

  • Solicit goods or services from the congregation
  • Conduct the auction
  • Serve lunch or dinner

“Grandma’s Attic” Rummage Sale — An annual rummage sale is held every summer. Activities include:

  • Soliciting good from the congregation
  • Organizing the sale

Friday Dinners

  • Usually organized by an individual or small team
  • Provides a simple dinner as a fundraiser
  • Sometimes includes some form of entertainment — game night, a movie, etc.

Other fundraisers include Used Book Sale, Harvest Bazaar, and individual one-time fundraisers like calendars or cookbooks or concerts.

To volunteer for any of these opportunities, contact the appropriate committee chair or a board member.