This Sunday’s service(September 10, 2023) will be held jointly with the UU Fellowship of Poughkeepsie. Because of this, we will not be streaming our service on Facebook like we normally do.

To accommodate our friends at Poughkeepsie, it is necessary for us to use Zoom instead.

If you would like to view and participate in the service on Sunday, please take the following steps:

1. from your computer, tablet, or smartphone. click on this link or type the address in your web browser:

2. If prompted for a passcode, enter: 792394 (you probably won’t have to do this)

3. You can also dial in using your phone.

Do not enter spaces between the numbers, they are for readability only.

Dial +1 646 558 8656

When prompted, enter Meeting ID: 327 711 271

4. Once you are in the Zoom, you will be automatically muted by the Tech people.

5. If you wish to speak during Joys & Sorrows, you may raise your hand and you will be unmuted.

6. You may comment in the Chat box.

“A Child’s Trinity”

Masks are optional. In person or live on Facebook. Fathers’ Day Watch on Facebook:            

“To Be Announced”

Masks are optional. In person or live on Facebook.A Potluck Dinner preceded by a short service please bring a passing dish to put on the table. Watch on Facebook: