A commitment to the earth is of vital importance to our community, as we work toward a vision of healthier, more sustainable future.

As a rural congregation with many scientists among us, we live with a deep awareness of our climate crisis and the deep environmental injustices of our time. We work in four areas, grounded in Unitarian Universalist principles:

  • Environmental Justice: Through partnering with organizations like Commit2Respond and the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee, we work to respond to the growing environmental crisis.
  • Worship and Celebration: As we work together towards a cleaner, more just and sustainable world, worship inspires our work and reminds us of what is most sacred and most true.
  • Religious Education: Our workshops and programs for all ages shape attitudes and build practices that are sustainable and spiritually-grounded.
  • Sustainable Living: We treat the world more gently by using fewer resources and being mindful of the choices we make, both as a congregation and as households.

We invite all who share these values to join us on this journey of connection, sustainability, and hope.  And join the broad and growing movement for climate justice with Unitarian Universalist Ministry for the Earth.