Note: Our Children’s Religious Education classes will resume on Sunday, March 13.

 Our class for kindergartners through fifth grade will meet three times per month in the historic schoolhouse classroom. Our program this year will be a theme-based curriculum using lessons and materials from Soul Matters Sharing Circle.  

K-5 children are “sung out” to their class during the service. This happens about 15 minutes into the Sunday service.

Lessons combine stories, songs, games, crafts, and activities on the month’s theme.

This year we will have the following themes:

  • September: Embracing Possibility
  • October: Cultivating Relationship
  • November: Holding History
  • December: Opening to Joy
  • January: Living with Intention
  • February: Widening the Circle
  • March: Renewing Faith
  • April: Awakening
  • May: Nurturing Beauty
  • June: Celebrating Blessings