The mission of the Social Justice Committee is “to foster the worth and dignity of people by supporting social justice.”

 The responsibilities are: 

  • To promote a more just, equitable, and sustainable community and world using advocacy, education, service, and witness 
  • To initiate and/or coordinate social justice activities for the congregation 
  • To advise the congregation about social justice themes to consider 
  • To report social justice activities to the congregation at the Annual Meeting 

The Social Justice Committee makes decisions that are resonant with Unitarian Universalist values and the church’s stated vision and mission. It regularly reports its activities via the Bellnote and the Wednesday Chimes.  


  • Attends presentations and webinars 
  • Meets with community leaders to learn about activities and plans 
  • Participates in church sermons on social justice issues 
  • Offers a committee-designed six-session interactive series on Owning White Privilege for the congregation and the larger community  


  • Partners with organizations such as the Michigan Unitarian Universalist Social Justice Network and the Jackson District Library 
  • Supports initiatives of like-minded organizations such as the Jackson Area Civil Rights Awareness Association, and the NAACP. 
  • Participates in the Welcoming Congregation Renewal Program 
  • Sponsors workshops such as The Transforming Hearts Collective 
  • Monitors local boards and committees considering social justice issues 
  • Writes letters in support social justice issues to elected officials and in response to newspaper editorials