JPCMSocial justice is an important part of our mission at UUCEL.  Our members are passionate about the environment, human rights, and many individual issues.  We have a Social Mission Policy that guides us on how to get our church involved in substantial efforts.  As part of that, we have an annual vote on four agencies in the community that we hold special collections for.  There are also agencies we are involved with on a regular basis.  You may hear us talking about our work with:

  • The Jackson Personal Care MinistryJPCM provides toiletries to people in need of them on a weekly basis.  Our church is one of the member churches that make up this organization, and we have a team of people who help once per month at the JPCM, and they welcome newcomers to the team, or just to try it out.  We also participate regularly in JPCM fundraisers.
  • The Unitarian Universalist Service Committee — the UUSC is our denomination’s social service organization.  We participate through the “Guest at Your Table” program every November and individual membership.  In times of disasters and human rights emergencies, we often take special collections for the UUSC.
  • Standing on the Side of LoveSSL is a UU organization devoted to equality and justice, particularly in identity-based oppression work in the areas of LBGT, immigration, and the Movement for Black Lives.

It’s also very important to us that we are a Welcoming Congregation and we engage in LGBT advocacy and justice work regularly.  Our members are also involved in many different local organizations.  You can get a sense of them from the list of agencies we’ve voted to support, many of which we do individual action projects or fundraisers with.