"East Liberty" isn't a place, it's a state of mind.
“East Liberty” isn’t a place, it’s a state of mind.

“East Liberty” is the school district that used to exist at our location, and now the school is part of our church campus.  Located in Liberty Township since 1881, our building is both traditional and contemporary, and reflects our commitment to the inclusion of people of all ages, abilities, and mobilities. Learn about the accessibility of our building and programs.


Many of our members use our accessible entrance on the south side (back) of the building which leads into our social hall. When events are held in the Sanctuary (for worship, weddings, memorials, and more), we also open the Main Entrance, which you will find under the steeple facing Jefferson Rd.


Our parking lot has spaces reserved for visitors near the front door, and handicapped and limited mobility spaces near the back door.  People are free to park in the lot and also on the grass on areas near the drive in front of the buildings and by the East Cemetery.


Our church is located South of Jackson, Michigan about a half a mile west of Highway 127, approximately 11 miles south of I-94.

Our address is: 2231 Jefferson Road, Clarklake, MI 49234

Our phone number is: (517)529-4221