April 2014 Worship Services

April 6 — “It’s Complicated” — Anita Pepper, Lay Leader — Kermit the Frog once said, “It’s not easy bein’ green.” One could say the same thing about being Unitarian Universalist. What is liberal religion, and what does it mean to be a UU?

April 13 — Tradition! — Rev. Dr. Cynthia L. Landrum — Rev.  Landrum’s Communications text book calls an argument from tradition a logical fallacy.  But tradition is also something we value in religious communities.  This sermon will explore the importance of, and limits of, tradition.

April 20 — Easter Sunday — Rev. Dr. Cynthia L. Landrum Many Unitarian Universalists do not believe in the resurrection, and some do.  What do we know about the historical Jesus?  How do we celebrate Easter together?  Come and find out!  Egg hunt following the service.

April 27 — Service Led by the Worship Committee — The Worship Committee will be presenting one of their participatory services on this date.  Stay tuned for more details!  Rumor has it that the service may be on the themes of birth and life and spring!