“Pondering the Prophetic”

– Julie Brock, & Worship Associate: Anita Pepper Ms. Brock has been the consulting minister of the UU Church of Brighton. She was raised in the First UU Church of Detroit and has completed her internship at the First Unitarian Society of Madison. Her advisor is the Rev. Cindy Landrum. — Unitarian Universalists make free use of the word prophetic, however, our usage of the word seems to disassociate it from its original meaning.  A prophet is someone who receives a message or makes a prediction.  Often those messages came from a divine source.  In our tendency to do away with defining the divine, we’ve also gotten away from thinking about how we know what we know is true. How have the messages of the prophets changed as our religion has?  Does UUism have modern day prophets?  How do we understand their messages to be true?  Let’s ponder & worship together.