Reading: Pleasure and Punishment

Heather Albee-Scott & Worship Associate: Gratia Karmes Reading is something so many of us do without even thinking about its value. A few of us even read for pleasure! What if reading were a struggle for you? How would that impact your life? A bill recently signed in Michigan will not allow third graders to move on to fourth grade if their proficiency in reading is too low. Is this a good thing? Bio: Heather has been a resident of Jackson, Michigan since 2010. She currently works for Jackson Public School District as the parent liaison for the elementary schools and she is an adjunct instructor for Jackson College. Heather is pursuing her master’s in education with a focus on literacy. She currently serves on the Jackson District Library Board of Trustees. Heather is married to Steven Albee-Scott and they have one daughter, Sophie, a junior at Jackson High School.