Upcoming April Services

All Sunday Services Start at 11:00 am
child of the universeApril Worship Theme: Revelation
Apr 12 – “Life Speaking! Universe Unfolding!” – Rev. Dr. Cynthia L. Landrum, Minister
The UCC tradition has a slogan “God is still speaking.” In the UU faith we say, “Revelation is not sealed.” This service will explore the ways the universe is still unfolding.
Apr 19 – “Jazz into Earth Day” – Lay Leader: Jon Hart
Join lay leader Jon Hart for a celebration of Earth Day and Jazz Month as the worship committee presents a service with Gary Snyder poems read by random members of the congregation, a brief
homily by Jon Hart, and jazz performed by church pianist Tom Pepper and special guest musician Dave LaRowe. This service promises to be meditative, upbeat, and fun.
Apr 26 – “Zens with a Touch of Jazz” – Lay Leader: Jon Hart
Join lay leader Jon Hart for a service celebrating the zen tone of Miles Davis’s “Kind of Blue.” Live band the Trent Harris trio will play three key songs from the album and Jon Hart will discuss creativity and calmness through Davis’s music. A celebration of creativity and Jazz month.