“The value  and acceptance of each unique individual and their uniqueness.” ~ Deb D.

“I love that there is a non-judgmental place in this community that I can bring my children that does so much to help their minds, hearts, and spirits grow.” ~ Chris K.

“The thing I value most is the fact we are liberal & the friendships we have made last forever.” ~ Margaret E.

“I value the wide-ranging search for truth, as it is experienced by a wide range of people and their experience in the world.” ~ Tom P.

“My church is honest.” ~ Lynn H.

“I treasure the fact that this church explores and seeks out universal truths within the world’s religions.” 
~ Meredith B.

“Goodness comes from people, from us, not from an imaginary being, and we all live with this truth with & thru each other!” ~ Nancy S.

“Learn as you go/grow. (A layman’s definition of Revelation)” ~ Gordon B.

“I value the freedom to explore my own beliefs and share them without the fear of criticism.” ~ Steve B.

“Respect for others’ beliefs.” ~ Joan B.

“Embracing my inherent uniqueness and self-determination.” ~ Kerry H.

“I value the fact that no one is seen as a pariah or no one is seen as the fount of truth but our truth is derived from an experience of dialogue.” ~ Jon H.

“Intellectually stimulating: I don’t have to check my brain  at the door when I come here.” ~ Kindra W.