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Annie Thompson-Bert is organizing this fundraiser. She writes:

My dear friend, and “adopted” niece, Rahmani is petitioning for an I-131, Humanitarian Parole on behalf of forward-thinking, highly educated family of 14, as they were beaten back by Taliban as they attempted to present their documents in those desperate last moments in the evacuation at Kabul. They are now in great peril in present-day Afghanistan. She needs your help.

She and I have applied to be guarantors for her young sister who was in a particularly risky situation, but now we ask your help to pay for the US government fees of $575 each for the remaining 14 family members. Because we used an immigration attorney for her sister’s case and learned about the forms and processes, applications can be submitted directly without the expense of attorneys. I was Rahmani’s English teacher for one year at Pioneer HS, Ann Arbor, MI while she was a student with the US State Department’s Youth Exchange Study Program in 2006-7. She was a phenomenal English student and student leader during the year and over the past 14 years, we have maintained a close relationship through all of life’s changes and challenges. She is a proud, American-educated US citizen, wife, mother of two tiny children and is a top level IT consultant for the US government. I know her better than some members of my own family and indirectly have kept up with her family’s lives over the years.

Her siblings are well-educated…some educated in master’s programs here in the US and desperately seek to join their sister here in freedom and safety. Their educations in the US have made it more dangerous for them in Taliban-ruled Afghanistan. Sharifa provides $600.00 per month to help her family survive and in the past, to help her brothers and sisters advance their educations. She needs just a little help from us to bring them to safety as she has her own home and family to keep afloat her in the US.

Sometimes the tide of history provides us opportunities to reach out and help folks who are in a real, hard place. There is no harder place right now than the streets of Afghanistan. Please consider donating to this campaign to bring Sharifa’s family to safety.
Reports on the progress of the application process will be provided to all who provide contact information.

Thank you, kind people. Peace, Annie and Sharifa