Speaker: Rev. Dan Miyake

“Our Octopus Teachers”

Rev. Dan will explore some of the spiritual themes of the Oscar-winning film, “My Octopus Teacher”. Why does this movie speak to us so deeply? What can we learn from our own octopus teachers?

Who Are You?

We make instant assessments of other people based on their clothing, accent, mannerisms, demeanor, age, and other factors within just a few seconds of meeting them. In a way, we create that person’s identity in our minds before we ever, if ever, get to know … read more.

“Flower Communion”

In the Spring of each year, we celebrate the uniqueness, beauty, and gifts that each of us brings to this beloved community by participating in one of the few truly UU rituals, the Flower Communion. Join us as we celebrate this lovely tradition. Please … read more.